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When you need to wrap it, pack it, eat off it or enjoy a refreshing hot or cold beverage from it, we are your locally owned and operated disposable food and packaging supplier and have all the gear you need

We have, always available, a ready supply of all your paper and plastic packaging requirements and the North’s most comprehensive supply of food service disposables. We source only from the industry’s leading manufacturers and importers and now stock a large range of ENVIRONMENTALLY FREINDLY or ECO Packaging to complement our already extensive range.

We supply on a wholesale level to all commercial venues, sporting clubs, the hospitality industry and to the education and other government departments. We can also supply all the necessary disposable plates, cups and serving platters on a retail level for your next sports BBQ or the family function in the back yard.

Cleaning Up?

Not a problem, we also supply a good range of all the necessary highest quality chemicals and cleaning accessories.


Our Catalogues

Browse our product catalogues

Click here to view our latest range of catalogues of the products we sell. These include bags, containers, cups, napkins, chemicals, cleaners, plates, trays, bowls, tissue and wrapping all available from our Townsville packaging warehouse.

Let us help you get the right packaging applications for your business with our more than 10 years local experience

Remember, our local wholesale and retail supply centre will have available all the items needed for the disposable paper food packaging industry and can supply the highest quality cleaning chemical and cleaning products getting them to you fast, on time and on budget. Help your bottom line now by making all your buying decisions from our local team!

19 Oonoomba Road, Idalia QLD 4811 - P.O. Box 167 Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone (07) 4778 4299 - Fax (07) 4778 4399 - email: info@tropicalpackaging.com.au

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